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Latex Tension Resistance Workout Bands - Viper Pal
Latex Tension Resistance Workout Bands - Viper Pal

Latex Tension Resistance Workout Bands


  • Ideal helpers for daily workout, fat burning, therapy, advanced training, etc. Combining  bands with various workouts opens a whole new world. Stabilizing muscles that are hard to get with many equipment can be intensified.
  • Pocket Gym. Lightweight bands come with a portable bag and a workout instruction. In office break, on travel rest, anytime and anywhere, taking them with you helps keep and extend your perseverance.
  • Two options. Funda for regular workout. Max strengths (lbs): 10, 15, 20, 30, 40. Pro.V for challenging workout. Max strengths (lbs): 20, 30, 40, 45, 60. Choose your type according to your current status and needs.
  • For scientific training, 5 graduated strengths is marked with max strength values. 1 set is enough to help work out your whole body, both big muscle groups and small muscles. Also, sharing them spice up the whole family.
  • More fun and joy. Natural latex is odor free, elastic, easy on skin, and does not twist up. The more comfortable helpers, the more workout you enjoy. The more you enjoy, the better result and persistence you will earn.

Model Number: ZE87002

Customer Reviews

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Unfortunately I did not get your goods. Order 2 position in one. The package were given either, but only in one. Not know what it is. Don't care the who packed, or deliberate deception, but tape I received. Though not a lot of money, but sorry


Latex Tension Resistance Workout Bands


All match. Tonkovat.


Accurate explanation, but no quality. This band has absolutely no relation to sports, as easily you can deal with rubber band of the pant. Small Size, resistance tension 0.


Latex Tension Resistance Workout Bands