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2pcs/set Kegel Exercise Weights Balls
2pcs/set Kegel Exercise Weights Balls


2pcs/set Kegel Exercise Weights Balls


This creative pelvic floor exercise ball is made of silicone and processed well. It shapes like dumbbell and contains stainless ball. Being made with technology and theory, it can effectively help you to train your body to get the effect which is expected.

Silicone Vaginal Exercise Balls for Bladder Control and Pelvic Floor Exercises


  • ✅ No matter if you are a kegel beginner or a veteran; our original progressive set will take you from start to end. 
  • ✅ PERFECT FOR POSTPARTUM RECOVERY: Pregnancy is difficult enough; let us support you here and give you the confidence to be sexually intimate again and avoid/recover from a prolapse.
  • ✅ PERFECT FOR BLADDER CONTROL ISSUES/INCONTINENCE: As a woman you don’t let anyone control you as an adult, why should your bladder? Control incontinence once and for all!
  • ✅ PREMIUM QUALITY: BPA FREE/: Our ben wa kegel weight set is made with 100% medical grade silicon and is guaranteed to be of the highest quality available in the market.
  • ✅ NO QUESTIONS ASKED, 100% GUARANTEE: We guarantee our product will arrive with no issues whatsoever or we will replace it completely free of charge!



It is time to reclaim your body, reclaim your power and take back control! There are Kegel weights and then there is our Progressive Kegel Weight System! 

    • Made with premium medical grade silicon for the highest level of hygiene and durability (BPA free): You won’t have to worry about mystery plastic or dangerous harmful plastics affecting your sexual health

  • Kegel weights are an optimal size 31mm in diameter each. 

  • Original Ben wa balls: can be used for not only vaginal tightening but for sexual stimulation as well

  • Enjoy all the benefits that come from tighter pelvic floor muscles: 

      1. Greater bladder control

      1. Increased confidence

    1. Better intercourse

    If you are not happy with our product, we will replace it COMPLETELY FREE of charge! What are you waiting for? Buy now and get your confidence back today!


    - Color: As shown.
    - Material: Silicone and Stainless Steel
    - Package Size: 17x12x6cm
    - Improving bladder control and overall better pelvic health.
    - Made from non-toxic and soft silicone, it will not scratch or irritate skin.
    - Scientific design with health train method improves great training effect.
    - Enhance elasticity of the vaginal muscles and maintain pelvic floor health.
    - Easy to clean and store.